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Welcome to Gurubhai Reward Points program Collect more Points. Earn more Rewards.

Gurubhai.com wants to say thanks to our loyal customers, so we've created the Gurubhai Reward Points program.

Redeem your Reward for the products of your choice!

No black-out dates! Redeem your Reward anytime.

Each time you shop at gurubhai.com you'll earn Reward Points, 1 point (equals 10 cents) per $10 spent.

Each time you accumulate 500 points, a credit of $ 50 goes into your gurubhai e-Wallet Account and can be spent on any purchase.

Gurubhai Reward Points add up fast, since all your spending @ Gurubhai.com counts toward your rewards total! And you can start redeeming your rewards with as few as 500 Points.

Rewarding you, our loyal customer, with "cash back" is our way of saying 'Thank You' for shopping @ Gurubhai.com.

Remember, the more the reward points you earn, the quicker you can start realizing even greater savings!