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About Gurubhai

Who we are - Gurubhai.com is a singapore based, noted e-store dealing with fashion and office materials from all nooks and corners of the world.

gurubhai.com, Singapore Online Marketplace is brought to you by the Fast Expo Pte Ltd At gurubhai.com, we help you look after your own shopping effortlessly as well as take care of loved ones wherever they may reside in Singapore. You can buy and send items from any corner of the country - with just a few clicks of the mouse.This is a B-to-C e-commerce platform directly bridging the manufacturers to the consumers. Gurubhai.com helps small, mid and huge businesses reach worldwide easily and effectively, without the need of any physical store

What we do - Offer fast online access to Fashion and Daily needs with convenient home delivery

Gurubhai.com benefits all categories of sellers right from the manufacturers, distributors, dealers and the wholesalers by connecting them directly to the end-users. This is the easiest ever way of making a business successful as the sellers can access their account from any corner of the globe to reach extreme poles of the planet without any great hard work. Gurubhai.com provides genuine marketing support to the sellers to make their business reach horizons. Here the pricing is fair and quality is extremely superb, thus supporting its customers (the sellers) as well. Gurubhai.com is a prominent e-commerce store showcasing all kinds of household and industrial materials.

  • Convenience

    Gurubhai.com shares a genuine space for the latest fashion accessories of men and women. This include fashion stuffs and collections from all continents and counties, and so people of any resident can wear their favorite clothing and accessories by just ordering online

  • Sharing is not only caring, sharing is awesome!

    Gurubhai.com provides a cool option of sharing any of its products in Facebook. If one plans to buy a product he can directly share it in Facebook, get feedback and suggestions from his friends before purchasing. Instead of asking all his friends individually for suggestions he can share in his Facebook wall and get opinions from all his friends at the same time and decide whether to buy or not.

  • Social Connection

    Gurubhai.com does not stop their service buy just helping to do business, they share a couple of useful tips every now and then to make the environment interactive. One can get a dozen of useful ideas and tips such as household tips, kitchen tips, delicious recipes, innovative cooking tips, lunchbox ideas, personal care tips, home decoration ideas, safety measures, prevention tips and trending beauty and fashion tips. The viewers can stop by to read these useful tips, at the same time can share in Facebook to make others get benefited from these tips.

  • Why the name?

    Gurubhai.com is termed from an inspiring character named "Guru Bhai" from an Indian film "Guru" released on 2007. The character not only reached Indian hearts and set a business revolution in their minds but indeed every citizen of the world. Guru Bhai is a strong and motivational business man who believed in connecting various categories of businesses and succeeded in it. Gurubhai.com does a similar work, they help connecting businesses from various parts of the world to reach world clients easily. The main motto of Gurubhai.com is fair pricing, which is attained through direct linking of manufacturers to the customers.

  • Mission

    Helping to do business in the best ever way. All the level peoples can shopping in online